Under the Regulatory Order number 1176 (2010) the Government permits certain religious denominations to administer the assessment of works to their listed churches. The procedures must be equivalent to those in the secular sphere.
Yes. Approvals are necessary for alterations to any listed buildings. In the case of listed Catholic churches the approval procedure is administered by the Historic Churches Committee. This procedure does not apply to unlisted churches, but does apply to “listable” churches. In addition, external works may require separate planning consent from the Local Authority.  Listed churches no longer used for public worship fall under Local Authority controls.
The curtiage of a listed  church is the single site in the ownership of the Diocese or Order.  Ecclesiastical exemption covers separately listed buildings or structures attached to or within the curtilage of a listed church.  Such buildings or structures comprise campaniles, chest tombs, parish halls or rooms, school rooms, charnel houses, lychgates, shrines, monuments or boundary walls.  Presbyteries and residential accommodation in convents and monasteries are specifically excluded.
Yes they are all available on the website, along with the minutes of meetings and the annual reports of the Historic Churches Committee.
Some minor alterations to listed churches and most repairs may be determined under the Minor Works provisions of the HCC by its sub-committee.
No, in this case the Secretary presents the application on behalf of the applicant. But it is always better for the applicant to be present in order to answer all questions.
Yes. The Bishops of the five Dioceses have decided that “listable” churches within their Dioceses come under the remit of the HCC.
This is a joint Diocesan/Historic England programme to review all Catholic churches and specifically to recommend quality buildings for listing.
The Bishop will serve notice on the administrator of the church to cease work. The administrator will be required to follow the directions given in the notice and by the HCC.
Yes, provided you had already written to the Secretary before the Historic Church Committee meeting when the application was determined.
No. The cost of administering the scheme is shared equally between the five Dioceses.